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December 8, 2017

WV Disciples Online 11/15/17

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Glad to share the latest news of the WV Region
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11/19 – Pentecost +24/Thanksgiving Sunday
Visit www.lifeinliturgy.org

2/9-11 = Midwinter Youth Retreat
6/10-15 – ChiRho & Junior Camps
6/13-15 – Camp Campbell for Kids
7/1-7 – CYF Conference

The ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in West Virginia
is supported by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund

Ready for Midwinter Retreat?

We’ve registered several so far! It’s going to be a blast! Lots of planning happening and here’s a secret….we have a professional camp musician joining us this year to lead our singing….

Midwinter Youth Retreat, Feb. 9-11, Parkersburg
Midwinter Retreat Registration is now open! Paper forms can be downloaded and completed, or you can do an online registration at: https://christianchurchinwv.weebly.com/disciples-youth-in-wv

  • Who: Students Grades 3-12 & Post High Young Adults, Youth Leaders, Adult Volunteers
  • Where: Wingate Inn, 1502 Grand Central Ave., Vienna, WV  26105
  • When: Arrive by 7 p.m.Feb. 9; Depart NoonFeb. 11 (from First Christian Church, Parkersburg)
  • Register: Do it early! Save money (see below), and assure that you can attend.  We are required to make our reservations at the facility 30 days in advance, so don’t miss out!
  • Cost if you register by…Nov. 15: $115…Dec. 15: $125…After Dec. 15: $135

See you this winter!
Download flyer 
Email jrheaallen@yahoo.com with registration questions

Reminder to Clergy 
Ministerial standing forms, including those provided by congregations to affirm the participation of ministers, are due before Nov. 25.  If you have not begun the process or have misplaced the links or instructions, please email us now.

Legacies – Publication available  

Legacies is an important stewardship tool that helps members of the WV and PA Regions make good decisions about how to strengthen the church and plan for their own stewardship futures.  It is published jointly by the regions and by the Christian Church Foundation.

The All Saints Fund of the region is featured in this Fall Edition, along with stories of great legacy planning by individual Christians and congregations (see excerpt below), then visit the page and read or download for print. Please help us share with your friends and members of your congregation who may not receive the weekly online news.

from Legacies, Fall, 2017…

One Congregation’s Legacy:

From Little, Much

by David T. Chafin

The little congregation of First Christian Church in Ravenswood, WV, had fallen on hard times.  They had a solid dozen of faithful members in attendance, but all of them were aging quickly, and the community had taken a downturn years before.  The options for growth and renewal were not showing a great deal of promise.  While the congregation held properties, stocks, and cash enough to continue their gathered presence in the old decaying building, they were concerned that at the rate they were going, regular budgetary income was not going to allow them to preserve their assets for the future of ministry in that place.

After careful analysis, the trustees of the congregation, working with the Christian Church Foundation, created a permanent fund, along with a “Last Will and Testament” describing their intentions and  desires for an ongoing ministry for the church, even after they ceased to meet in the old building on the corner of Sand and Gallatin.

The day came within a year or so when the Will was executed, as the group determined they could no longer expect to meet for worship and Sunday School as they had for so many years.  Their wishes were immediately implemented in such a way as to sustain their commitments to their local hunger ministry, Week of Compassion, and the Christian Church in West Virginia.  Two of the congregation’s members transferred their membership to the Parkersburg congregation, and all of the others were received as members of the Regional Church and are under its care.

The church building was kept in the care of the Region and is presently housing an important recovery ministry in the town, along with providing space for gatherings of a community group which had met there for years. An “estate sale” was conducted and more funds were raised, which along with the proceeds from sale of the parsonage and stock portfolio, along with much of the accumulated cash, were added to the permanent fund at the Foundation.  A small home adjacent to the church building is still held locally for continued occupation by an immigrant family who has begun to settle into life in the community, and which fondly remembers being in worship periodically with the congregation, and having their youngest child blessed and dedicated in that place.

Former members of First Christian Church remain a vital part of Ravenswood’s life, and continue to provide salt and light in a place where God’s presence is much needed.  The ending of a full rich era of life in ministry for one historic congregation will now bless the coming generations in ways that its faithful members had dreamed, and planned, and took action for.  This is the life beyond life that the gospel speaks of.  This is faithfulness that has no known end.

If you desire information on creating a legacy plan for your congregation, contact Rev. Darwin Collins at theChristian Church Foundation, or Rev. Thaddaeus Allen, Regional Minister.

Read the entire issue here.  (note that the listing of the All Saints Fund included contains errors corrected in the download below)
Downoad the updated and corrected “Roll Call” of the WV All Saints Fund (10/25/17)  in this PDF file.

From Disciples Church Extension

Active shooter preparedness

Following the tragic loss of life at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, we are all reminded once again that even churches might be confronted with an active shooter situation.
While we can never know when such senseless acts of violence might touch us, there are valuable resources available that can help congregations answer tough security questions.
Timothy Harris, president & CEO of the Insurance Board, has written a special Active Shooter Message to address questions and concerns after last weekend’s tragedy. The Insurance Board, our recognized ministry partner, has compiled free information and relevant tools for congregations making decisions on church security. Also, churches seeking comprehensive training on how to respond to an aggressive intruder event can contact the Insurance Board to get more information about training sessions. Through our partnership with the Insurance Board, all Disciples of Christ congregations (regardless of whether or not you hold a policy with the Insurance Board) are eligible for a discounted rate on ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) trainings for houses of worship.
Additional training resources:
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) active shooter training video RUN, HIDE, FIGHT :
From DHM::
Children’s Disaster Services
Did you ever wonder who attends to the hearts and souls, minds and bodies of children during times of major disasters? Well, let me tell you, Disciples Home Missions is there. We are blessed to partner with the Church of the Brethren in a unique ministry called Children’s Disaster Services (CDS) which includes a network of trained volunteers and partners across the country which, since its founding in 1979, has  involved more than 3100 volunteers who have cared for more than 87,800 children in response to floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, ice storms, tornadoes, mudslides, terrorist attacks, and aviation incidents.
Kathleen Fry-Miller, CDS Associate Director, reports that in response to the multiple disasters from which our nation has suffered in the past two months CDS teams have been deployed to 17 different locations in Texas and Florida with 74 caregivers serving over 1400 children as of October 16th.

A Critical Response Child Care Team has just been sent to Las Vegas to serve in the Family Assistance Center set up to provide services to families of those who were killed and those who were injured, as well as survivors. Undoubtedly, teams will soon be deployed to Northern California. Volunteers have been alerted by Red Cross that there may also be needs related to mass evacuations to Florida from Puerto Rico. There are professionals affiliated with each team to support and give guidance to volunteers. Providing care to families and children in a disaster situation is a special calling which is not for everyone. However, if you are interested in training to participate on a Critical Response Child Care team, there are two workshops coming up in November:

November 17-18, 2017 ~ Bethel, Pennsylvania

Little Swatara Church of the Brethren

Contact: Jean Myers, (610) 678-5247 
For additional details see www.childrensdisasterservices.org/.

WV Council of Churches News…
   Visit wvcc.org for more information

WV Council of Churches
West Virginia Council of Churches
Ecumenical Calling

West Virginia Faith Community Nursing Network
The Future of Nursing West Virginia (FONWV) is a 501c3 non-profit coalition dedicated to improving the culture of health in WV through strengthening an expanding nursing practice, education and leadership. FONWV has developed an online Toolkit and Network to support faith community nurses (FCNs) in West Virginia. The goal is to have FCNs serving every county in the state.

If you are interested in joining or supporting the WV FCN Network go to: http://www.futureofnursingwv.org/faith-community-rn-toolkit and click the icon.

Facebook and Twitter
You can find the West Virginia Council of Churches on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wvcouncil and through Twitter at https://twitter.com/wvcouncil. Please become a friend of the West Virginia Council of Churches and follow us on Twitter!

Clergy Consultation on Substance Use Disorder

Consultation presentations will be on the WVCC website soon!  Here’s the link for the Pathology of Addiction video. For those interested in Sky Kershner’s CRAFT presentation, please click here.

Stewardship Program for Your Congregation

Teaching Stewardship is one of the marks of a Faithful Regional Church.  Church teaching is also clear that stewardship and generosity are marks of the faithful Christian life.  Stewardship and giving are joyful acts and signs of our participation with God in God’s world.  Stewardship is an invitation to draw nearer to our Lord.

The Center for Faith and Giving has the task of inviting us into this joy!  The materials that are provided are invitational and practical.  They are proven and trustworthy.  We invite you to engage in a disciplined season of teaching stewardship.  This is Disciples material written for Disciples as we seek to be faithful and generous in the lives God has given us.

Because of your generosity to Disciples Mission Fund, and through our regional partnership, these come with no cost.  Perhaps, like stewardship itself, it is simply a gift or an invitation to deepen our relationship with God.

In order for your congregation to access the program, your pastor needs to email Rev. Bruce Barkhauer at bbarkhauer@disciples.org.   
See an informational flyer here

Help Us Grow Our Readership

We are always looking to broaden our distribution of regional news through the WV Regional Online News.  Today, we are asking you, as a congregational leader or pastor, to consider helping us by providing any email list you may have for your congregation.  Each email needs to have a name attached to it, and understand that if you do this, they will begin receiving the WVO without any announcement.  They can always unsubscribe, but this is the surest way to offer it to your members.

Alternately, please consider using the following announcement in your online news, newsletters, and bulletins:
The WV Regional Online  News provides a weekly opportunity for you to see what’s happening around the regional church and beyond.  Sign-up is easy.  Visit www.wvdisciples.org or this link to subscribe today!


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