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December 19, 2017

WV Disciples Online for 12/13/17

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Glad to share the latest news of the WV Region
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12/17 – Advent 3 
Visit www.lifeinliturgy.org

2/9-11 = Midwinter Youth Retreat
6/10-15 – ChiRho & Junior Camps
6/13-15 – Camp Campbell for Kids
7/1-7 – CYF Conference

The ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in West Virginia
is supported by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund

Have you signed up for Advent Prayerscapes?
It only takes a moment when you visit prayerscapes.wordpress.com and “follow,” and you will receive a daily devotional thought from one of our ministers (Dec. 3 – Jan. 7). If you have previously subscribed to Prayerscapes, you need not do it again unless your email address has changed.  You can also see them daily on the regional Facebook page. Please share the word!

Miracles Happen in
Regional Ministry

Miracles happen every day in all our regions as we:

  • Assist congregations and leaders in claiming their unique mission and ministry, and provide resources and support.
  • Call, commission and ordain new pastors, and support and equip all pastors for their ministries.
  • Revitalize existing congregations and plan for new congregations.
  • Connect Regional Disciples to give witness to ministries of justice, hope, and compassion.
  • Provide camps, conferences, and retreats where children and youth find hope and Christ’s love and a community of faith that embraces “everyone.”
  • Make visible the care for all of God’s family through ministries of reconciliation and anti-racism.
  • Call and equip passionate leaders for today’s church.
  • Provide pastoral care for clergy and congregations.

The Christmas Special Day offering, received in most congregations Dec. 10 & 17, supports all of these and many other ministries of our region. Your generous gifts make a difference!  Additional gifts may be made here.

Musings on a Christmas Morning
By Alexander Campbell
As printed in The Little Harbinger of Bethany Memorial Church last week…

This morning being Christmas, and, as the Roman superstition would have it, the nativity of man’s Redeemer; assuming it as true, my thoughts naturally lead me to Bethlehem, Calvary, and the sepulchre of Joseph. And what mysterious, sublime, and animating associations cluster around those three places! How near the point of distance! Eight short miles measured the whole space from the manger to the cross! And how short the interval of time between the first birth from Mary, and the second birth from Joseph’s tomb, of Arimathea! Not quite the half of three-score- years-and-ten completes the labors and the life of Heaven’s and Earth’s First Born! And yet what scenes and transactions crowd this narrow space of earth, and this short interval of time!

Other children, earth’s noblest sons, her proudest benefactors, were born to shed a few scattering rays of science over the benighted mind of man; or to wipe a few tears of sorrow or of anguish from the cheek of human woe; or to rescue man from some heartless tyrant that doomed his victims to abject slavery; or to confer some transient honor on some little circle of kindred friends and favorites. But this blest child of a thousand hopes and promises—this wonderful offspring of Divinity and humanity—this Son of God and Son of Man, was born to be a light of all nations, and of all ages—to scatter night away from all eyes within the realms of mercy—to break forever its dark sceptre and annihilate its power over all his friends and brethren—to dry up the tears of a weeping world by washing away its sins and sorrows in a fountain filled with his own blood—to deliver man from that fiercest of all tyrants, Death; and to bestow honors on a ransomed race, bright as the throne of God and lasting as the ages of eternity.

And how was all this accomplished! Born in a stable—circumcised the eighth day—dedicated on the fortieth, at Jerusalem, in the Temple— persecuted into Egypt—nursed in the land of Ham—brought back to Bethlehem—removed to Nazareth, where he lived subject to his parents till he completed his thirtieth year, living so obscurely, too, as not to be mentioned but once after his return till about the time of his immersion; and at that time he is found in the Temple amongst the teachers, listening to their discourses and propounding to them questions.

After his baptism, commenced his public life. And what a period was that between his two baptisms! Did ever so many deeds of renown, so many demonstrations of divine eloquence, majesty, and power, cluster together in such a bright interval around the person of any son of woman! What temptations and triumphs! What miracles of mercy!

What words of grace! What acts of condescension fill up the moments of this brightest epoch of Time’s career! A busier or more active life was never spent. “He went about continually doing good.” What multitudes were instructed, healed, relieved, fed, feasted! How many discourses, both public and private—how many questions answered—how many parables spoken—how many controversies and debates decided— how many triumphs gained—and with what travails, privations, fatigues, exhaustion, fasting, praying, and personal consecration! If all that he did and all that he said had been fully written, the world could neither read nor remember it.

How far my musings have led me from my first design! But now when I think of retracing my steps, the cock’s shrill clarion admonishes me that the hour of worship is near; and here I must lay down my pen for the present.


Ready for Midwinter Retreat?
Price Break Ends December 15…Register Now!

We’ve registered several so far! It’s going to be a blast! Lots of planning happening and here’s a secret….we have a professional camp musician joining us this year to lead our singing….

Midwinter Youth Retreat, Feb. 9-11, Parkersburg
Midwinter Retreat Registration is now open! Paper forms can be downloaded and completed, or you can do an online registration at: https://christianchurchinwv.weebly.com/disciples-youth-in-wv

  • Who: Students Grades 3-12 & Post High Young Adults, Youth Leaders, Adult Volunteers
  • Where: Wingate Inn, 1502 Grand Central Ave., Vienna, WV  26105
  • When: Arrive by 7 p.m.Feb. 9; Depart NoonFeb. 11 (from First Christian Church, Parkersburg)
  • Register: Do it early! Save money (see below), and assure that you can attend.  We are required to make our reservations at the facility 30 days in advance, so don’t miss out!
  • Cost if you register by…Nov. 15: $115…Dec. 15: $125…After Dec. 15: $135

See you this winter!
Download flyer 
Email jrheaallen@yahoo.com with registration questions

Legacies – Publication available  
Legacies is an important stewardship tool that helps members of the WV and PA Regions make good decisions about how to strengthen the church and plan for their own stewardship futures.  It is published jointly by the regions and by the Christian Church Foundation.

The All Saints Fund of the region is featured in this Fall Edition, along with stories of great legacy planning by individual Christians and congregations (see excerpt below), then visit the page and read or download for print. Please help us share with your friends and members of your congregation who may not receive the weekly online news.

Read the entire issue here.  (note that the listing of the All Saints Fund included contains errors corrected in the download below)
Downoad the updated and corrected “Roll Call” of the WV All Saints Fund (10/25/17)  in this PDF file.

Being Not Afraid

A Lenten Retreat on Living Beyond Fear

Retreat LeaderJanet Hellner-Burris

Pastor of the Christian Church of Wilkinsburg, PA

Contemplative activist and seeker of living beyond fear in a

world of anxiety and violence

Day Retreat $50

Saturday March 17 9am-5pm

Overnight Stay + Day Retreat $75

Friday March 16 6pm Supper

followed by Evening Prayer

To Register:

Contact Pastor Janet



Online Registration available after 1/2/18 at


Retreat location:

Martina Spiritual Renewal Center

From Disciples Church Extension

Disciples Church Extension Fund inspires and empowers congregations to create Holy Places where people connect with God, each other and the community.

See an update of their recent Board Meeting here…
Read what’s happening in their November news by clicking here…

Active shooter preparedness

Following the tragic loss of life at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, we are all reminded once again that even churches might be confronted with an active shooter situation.
While we can never know when such senseless acts of violence might touch us, there are valuable resources available that can help congregations answer tough security questions.
Timothy Harris, president & CEO of the Insurance Board, has written a special Active Shooter Message to address questions and concerns after last weekend’s tragedy. The Insurance Board, our recognized ministry partner, has compiled free information and relevant tools for congregations making decisions on church security. Also, churches seeking comprehensive training on how to respond to an aggressive intruder event can contact the Insurance Board to get more information about training sessions. Through our partnership with the Insurance Board, all Disciples of Christ congregations (regardless of whether or not you hold a policy with the Insurance Board) are eligible for a discounted rate on ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) trainings for houses of worship.
Additional training resources:
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) active shooter training video RUN, HIDE, FIGHT :
From Disciples Home Missions:
Disciples Volunteering
Summer Mission Intern Program
Summer Mission Intern applications are now being received. Applicants must be age 20 to 26 during their summer of service and available without interruption from late May through mid-August.

Mission opportunities are available to support disaster recovery in Missouri, West Virginia, Florida, and Texas. It’s not too late to make a difference this year and help a family return to their home before winter. Or you can make plans for a mission pilgrimage in 2018. As a part of the response to Hurricane Harvey, Disciples are serving in the ongoing cleanup with NECHAMA – Jewish Response to Disaster – and partnering through a local congregation. Disciples Volunteering is also scheduling teams for a Texas Mission Station that will be open in 2018.

Site leaders are needed to help facilitate the work of the Mission Stations. Disciples Volunteering is looking for servant leaders with a heart for mission and the availability to spend at least one month at a time at a Mission Station. Training for new members of the Servant Leadership Team will take place in April, in cooperation with the Disaster Ministries of the Church of the Brethren and the United Church of Christ.
Learn more about all of these mission opportunities at

WV Council of Churches News…
   Visit wvcc.org for more information

WV Council of Churches
West Virginia Council of Churches
Ecumenical Calling

West Virginia Faith Community Nursing Network
The Future of Nursing West Virginia (FONWV) is a 501c3 non-profit coalition dedicated to improving the culture of health in WV through strengthening an expanding nursing practice, education and leadership. FONWV has developed an online Toolkit and Network to support faith community nurses (FCNs) in West Virginia. The goal is to have FCNs serving every county in the state.

If you are interested in joining or supporting the WV FCN Network go to: http://www.futureofnursingwv.org/faith-community-rn-toolkit and click the icon.

Facebook and Twitter
You can find the West Virginia Council of Churches on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wvcouncil and through Twitter at https://twitter.com/wvcouncil. Please become a friend of the West Virginia Council of Churches and follow us on Twitter!

Clergy Consultation on Substance Use Disorder

Consultation presentations will be on the WVCC website soon!  Here’s the link for the Pathology of Addiction video. For those interested in Sky Kershner’s CRAFT presentation, please click here.

Stewardship Program for Your Congregation

Teaching Stewardship is one of the marks of a Faithful Regional Church.  Church teaching is also clear that stewardship and generosity are marks of the faithful Christian life.  Stewardship and giving are joyful acts and signs of our participation with God in God’s world.  Stewardship is an invitation to draw nearer to our Lord.

The Center for Faith and Giving has the task of inviting us into this joy!  The materials that are provided are invitational and practical.  They are proven and trustworthy.  We invite you to engage in a disciplined season of teaching stewardship.  This is Disciples material written for Disciples as we seek to be faithful and generous in the lives God has given us.

Because of your generosity to Disciples Mission Fund, and through our regional partnership, these come with no cost.  Perhaps, like stewardship itself, it is simply a gift or an invitation to deepen our relationship with God.

In order for your congregation to access the program, your pastor needs to email Rev. Bruce Barkhauer at bbarkhauer@disciples.org.   
See an informational flyer here

Help Us Grow Our Readership

We are always looking to broaden our distribution of regional news through the WV Regional Online News.  Today, we are asking you, as a congregational leader or pastor, to consider helping us by providing any email list you may have for your congregation.  Each email needs to have a name attached to it, and understand that if you do this, they will begin receiving the WVO without any announcement.  They can always unsubscribe, but this is the surest way to offer it to your members.

Alternately, please consider using the following announcement in your online news, newsletters, and bulletins:
The WV Regional Online  News provides a weekly opportunity for you to see what’s happening around the regional church and beyond.  Sign-up is easy.  Visit www.wvdisciples.org or this link to subscribe today!


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